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  • Diclazuril Premix 1.0%
  • A new, broad-spectrum and highly effective coccidiostat in prevention of coccidiosis


    Main ingredient: Diclazuril

    Specification: 100g:1.0g

    Characters: white to light yellow granule


    1, It is effective against all kinds of Eimeria of poultry.  It can thoroughly kill coccidiosis.

    2, It can be used in all growth period of coccidiosis.

    3, It has no negative effect on normal diet and drinking, increase feed conversion rate and decrease mortality.

    Usage and Dosage: Add 100g of this product to each 1000kg of feed

    Warning: 1. Low drug concentration, must mix evenly.

                    2. Please do not use continuously more than 4 months.

    Withholding period: 5 days for Chicken, forbidden to use during laying period.

    Package: 25kg/bag

    Storage:   Keep in cool and dry place, keep from light.

    Shelf life: When stored properly, this product has a useful life of 24 months from the day of production.