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  • Dinitolmide Premix 25%
  • Dinitolmide Premix 25%

    Dinitolmide, an anticoccidiosis medicine, has a preventive and cuaative effect on coccidia.

    Used for poultrys coccidiosis infections

    Specification: 100g: 25g

    Appearance:  White or off-white powder.


    Dinitomide Premix has a rapid effect for hemostasis and restore intestinal mucosa quickly hence promote health of body.  It has a good prevention and treatment effect to Eimeria tenella in chicken, especially on the strongest pathogenicity of Eimeria tenella to intestinum tenue. Besides, it also has an excellent prevention and treatment effect on coccidiosis of Turkey.

    Adaptability: prevention and treatment of coccidiosis for chicken, turkey and rabbit


    Mix with feed, add 500g of this product to 1000kg of feed for chicken.


    -Forbid using in the laying chicken.

    -Please use continuously for broilers. Stop dosing 5-6 days, recrudescence of coccidiosis may happen.

    Withdrawal Period: 3 days for chicken.

    Package: 25kg/drum (bag)

    Storage: Store in a dry and cool place.

    Shelf life: when stored properly, this product has a useful life of 24 months from the day of production.